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“Chris is a natural businessman and just instinctively understands the business of business. He has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of a problem and grasp detail. I would not hesitate in recommending him.” (Matt Dacey, GTI Media)


“Over the last 15 months Chris has been instrumental in coaching and mentoring the Directors of Ridgeway Medispa to bring about a real step change in our business. Having initially helped us identify and remedy significant process and system failings within the business Chris then helped us devise a much enhanced sales and marketing program. Consequently we have seen a dramatic increase in our overall brand awareness and customer acquisition rates. Revenues have grown dramatically as has our overall profitability.” (Mark Blokland, Ridgeway Medispa)


“A businessman of ideas and actions, Chris is inspirational to work with. He is bold, decisive and committed to getting the best possible solution. (Suzanne Coleman, Golley Slater)


“Chris is one of the most authentic business leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a sharp business acumen, remarkable strategic agility and a genuine bias for action and getting things done.” (Adrian Cojocaru, European Bank For Reconstruction & Development)


“Diamond Logistics (Swindon) was a growing business but equally was growing out of control. In addition the work levels were increasing and service levels were showing signs of distress. Without a shadow of doubt disaster was imminent, and we we’re too involved in the operation to change the course. We recognized the need for help, which was in itself a big admission for us. Having approached Chris Spratling of Action Coach, who identified our need for coaching, we were relieved that he agreed to coach us, and thus the journey to a brighter future began. Within 6 months of coaching we have witnessed significant improvements in all aspects of the business. The business has been able to embrace the growth, improve and maintain the service levels, and increase the profitability significantly.


Myself and my business partner, are now in a position to apply our time and skills to working on the business  in order to scale the business at a sustainable level, as opposed to working in the business purely to survive each day. The business coaching and support from Chris Spratling has now become a necessity to achieve both our professional and personal goals, and rewarding the fruits of our labour. I would, without hesitation, recommend to any business on any level looking to improve and scale their business to contact (Dan O’Bryan, Diamond Logistics)


“One of the best things I have done for my business is work with Chris.  He challenges me, pushes me and makes me “Test & Measure” everything.  He is supportive, encouraging and questioning.  With Chris’ constant and consistent guidance I am very confident that I can grow not just Pebbles Hypnotherapy, but myself, into my vision for the future.  Chris is helping me to become who I need to be to have the business and future that I want.  Thank you Chris for all your support, time and patience….so far!”  (Helen Breward, Pebbles Hypnotherapy)


“I made the decision to join Chris Spratling and ProfitCLUB as my business needed some urgent attention and me, some business guidance.  Since the very first session I feel that I have progressed greatly in my journey as a small business owner, not just from Chris’s vast business experience, his proactive approach and his go-get attitude, but the group as a whole as we are all able to discuss each other’s business issues at hand.  It is plain to see the benefits that Chris has brought to both myself and my businesses, in fact I am now in the process of setting up a third business and with what Chris has taught me I will find the journey just a little bit easier.  Thank you Chris.(David Steele, Insomnia Events Limited)


“After setting up my business I found it difficult to generate sufficient income even though I know I had a great business proposition.  I met Chris Spratling at a networking event and knew straight away that he was someone that I could not only work with but learn from – he has not disappointed.


Chris helped me focus on what I wanted from my business, developing my purpose, vision and values, supporting me to get more focused on my target audience, developing my USP and overall business proposition and most importantly focusing me on the financials of the business.  This has all helped me to see my business differently, moving my thinking from a business that would give me a good income and life to a whole new proposition that is more far reaching, challenging with significantly bigger targets – 3 million turnover here I come!  My lead generation has increased, my conversion rate is higher and I am finally securing the contracts I have been chasing.

The coaching has been integral in this transition, providing me with someone who can challenge my thinking, focusing my activities and support me in setting a solid business foundation going forward – and all this in just 4 months!

I have nothing but high praise for Chris and Action Coach and would highly recommend him to any business with the appetite for success.”  (Alison McQuillan, C4HR)


After speaking with with Chris, he identified steps that I might look to take and implement to overcome challenges in my business. I joined his Profit Club in February 2016 and in a few short months have already seen major benefits in both the day to day running of the business and how I think about business in general. Since working with Chris I’ve employed a team member to work along side me, have been able to focus more time and energy on marketing the business and have a much stronger clarity and sense of direction for both my business and personal goals. I consider Profit Club an integral part of growing and working on my business and I would encourage other business owners – whatever stage of their business they may be at – to attend. Thanks Chris for the help, ideas and encouragement! (Ryan Moon, Dor2Dor Swindon)


When we were first introduced to Action Coach, to be honest, I was a bit sceptical. I wasnt sure if it would be worth the cost. At the time I was working constantly in my business, not spending much quality time with my family, I was very negative and low about our Nursery and Afterschool club business, and I was ready to leave it all and get rid! In fact, I hated and despised it.

However, Helen and I met Chris and it was the start of an amazing transformation. Through the one-to-one sessions Chris has inspired, enthused, motivated and challenged me (in a good way) to look at my business but most importantly my role in it in a completely new way. By introducing new techniques and theories into my work, along with slight adjustments to things we were already doing has created a massive 30% increase in profits in just 6 months.

The business has completely transformed and is on an entirely different page to where it was just 6 months ago. We now have processes to allow the team to work effectively and collectively have a much higher ambition in terms of what we want to achieve. We now know we can achieve it with Chris and his support.

Most importantly for me, I now have a better work life balance and spend lots more time with my young children on lots of quality, fun adventure days. Also I now love my business again – it’s fun and exciting!

All of this has only been achievable by being willing and open to change and adopting ideas from a different perspective. Chris does this elegantly with a positive, inspiring and fresh approach. He has been fantastic and I could not recommend him enough to anyone. With his continued support and teaching I now know we can achieve our big dreams that I had when I started the business. It’s only the start of our learning adventure with Chris and personally I can’t wait to see where he helps to takes us! (Kaye Merriman, Little Angels Marcham)


“I was in a very low place with my business and  tired of the struggle. Chris contacted me at just the right time,  From our very first meeting I have been inspired at what and how my business could be. In 6 months of 1-1 coaching my drive, vision and love for my business has returned with a passion. I want more of the success of the last 6 months. My business is turning  into the type of business I want it to be and the success has been amazing – way more than I could ever have hoped for. I  look forward to my coaching sessions and come away with lots of hard work but at the same time I am totally focused on what I need to do. I am becoming a business women with a new vision, more drive and greater ambition. The future for me and my business looks very bright now!” (Helen Corcoran, Little Angels Marcham)

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